Aronson Sues Former Partners Over Noncompete Agreement

Aronson, of Rockville, Md., (FY12 net revenue of $50 million) has sued two of its former real estate partners to block them from taking Aronson clients and employees to form a competing firm, the Washington Business Journal reported.

Abba Blum and fellow partner Maral Nakashian notified the firm in June that they planned to leave to start a new firm in Montgomery County called MN Blum LLC, according to the complaint filed last month in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

During the 2011 reorganization of the firm, both Blum and Nakashian signed noncompete agreements, which bar them from competing against Aronson in the region or soliciting the firm’s clients and employees for two years after leaving the firm, according to Aronson’s complaint. The legal dispute revolves largely around the interpretation of the noncompete agreement, the newspaper reported.