Skoda Minotti Completes Merger with Dowell & Perez

Mayfield Village, Ohio-based Skoda Minotti (FY11 net revenue of $21.3 million) has merged with Dowell & Perez, making Tampa, Fla., its second-largest business market, the Tampa Bay Business Journal reported. This is the firm’s second Tampa merger in less than a year, as Skoda Minotti completed a merger with Baumann Raymondo & Co. this February. “Good things are happening in Tampa, and we are excited to join Skoda Minotti,” says Dan Dowell, who will serve as co-PIC with Skoda Minotti partner Alex White. Dowell & Perez is the ninth firm to merge with Skoda Minotti since 2012. Others include Lomax Soful & Foster of Akron, Ohio, and Ohio-based IT firms Quantum Network Services and DataServ.