IRS Under Fire as Scandal Over Conservative Groups Grows

The Internal Revenue Service is under fire for allegedly targeting conservative groups for unfair scrutiny. The Senate Finance Committee is asking outgoing acting IRS commission, Steven Miller, dozens of questions on the matter with the answers to come May 31.

On May 19, it was revealed that the White House’s chief lawyer learned weeks ago that an IRS audit likely would show that agency employees inappropriately targeted conservative groups’ requests for tax-exempt status. The news sparked questions about whether President Obama should have been notified at that time. According to the Wall Street Journal, ‘The new detail doesn’t help answer some fundamental questions about the IRS scandal, including how it began and who, if anyone, in the administration was aware of the severity of the inspector general’s probe before last November’s presidential election.”

Meanwhile, the White House has appointed Office of Management and Budget controller Danny Werfel to serve as acting commissioner effective May 22. The White House said, “Mr. Werfel will lead efforts to ensure the IRS implements new safeguards to restore public trust and administers the tax code with fairness and integrity.” He has agreed to serve through the end of the fiscal year.