Co-MPs Will Lead Newly Merged Firm

Glenn Friedman, MP, New York-based Metis Group (FY11 net revenue of $12.8 million) and David Neste, MP, Prager and Fenton, will serve as Co-MPs of New York-based Prager Metis International, a combination that was effective Jan. 1.

Equality is a key ingredient for success when companies come together, says Friedman. Prager Metis’ executive committee will have three people from each original firm. Staff and partners will be surveyed about what the brand is today, what it should be, and where they want it to be in the next five years, he said. “We want this firm to be democratic, with everyone’s voice heard.”

The co-MP structure isn’t done often, primarily because of power struggles. But Friedman and Neste complement each other. “David is calm, Glenn is excitable, both targeting the same outlook for success but with a vast range of ideas on how to accomplish their goals. It’s a good partnership. They balance each other out,” says Diane Walsh, marketing director of Prager Metis.

The newly combined $30 million firm offers an array of services through its four operating companies, including assurance, tax and consulting, entertainment-based services, computer consulting and financial planning. Prager Metis employs over 140 staff members and 30 partners.