University of Texas at Dallas Students earn AICPA’s 2012 Accounting Competition

Four accounting students from the University of Texas at Dallas have earned $10,000 and first place at the AICPA’s 2012 Accounting Competition for a proposal to reform income tax rules. Students were asked to advise a hypothetical presidential candidate on viable solutions to some of the nation’s most urgent economic concerns – Social Security, the national deficit and income tax.

The winning submission suggested simplifying the code, making it easier to understand, and restructuring the personal income tax code. The University of Texas team was made up of April Crawford, Shahrzad Azimi, Trey Sweeney, Samuel Teichelman and John Barden.

Students from Albion College in Albion, Mich., took second place and received a $5,000 award.

The third-place team from North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C., received $2,500.