AICPA, XBRL Team Up to Create Certification

The AICPA is working with XBRL experts to develop a professional certification for company accountants, accountants who work with public companies and XBRL consultants who submit financial data to the SEC in the required XBRL format.

The planned 30-hour online course will cover everything from basics of XBRL and the U.S. GAAP taxonomy to details of footnote tagging. Course content has been developed by XBRL US, AICPA and the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the standard-setter for public companies. AICPA and XRBL US said their market research shows “a clear market demand” for online training, Compliance Week reported.

More than 8,800 U.S. public companies now provide XBRL-formatted financial statements to the SEC. In 2012, the smallest public companies began their first detailed tagging under the XBRL process.

“XBRL is now a standard part of every public company’s reporting process, and it’s critical that preparers have solid guidelines,” said Barry Melancon, AICPA president and CEO, in the joint statement.

Campbell Pryde, president of XBRL US, said in a statement that the certification program should help standardize how the GAAP taxonomy is being used. “The consistency in approach will help companies create better XBRL financials,” he said.