AICPA Council Meeting…On Future of the Profession

Wayne Berson, CEO-Elect, BDO USA, said he believes the firm must look outside the core areas to make sure the right talent is working on consulting services. “If we want to charge premium prices we have to provide value.” He added that everyone wants to grow, to provide service to more complex clients. “This is going to be the era of M&A.”

Chuck Allen, CEO, Crowe Horwath LLP, said a group of young professionals came to him with an idea to put R&D money into process improvement and bring those solutions to the clients and add great value. “For me it was a great opportunity to see some young partners come forward with future thinking.”

Jean Hobby of PwC said assurance is seeing a lot of growth and the potential is enormous. “If we continue to hire the best and the brightest, we’ll continue to be the profession that brings our clients the solutions.”

John Veihmeyer, CEO KPMG, said that the best talent in the next 10 years will be comfortable working on teams and will thrive in a collaborative environment.

Jean Hobby of PwC: “Diversity in the profession is a necessity and 10 years from now it will be an absolute requirement.”