Dallas Firm Joins Austin-Based PMB Helin Donovan

Austin-based PMB Helin Donovan LLP (FY10 net revenue of $ 12 million) acquired Vink Teague & Assoc. (FY10 net revenue of $2.6 million) of Dallas.
The combined firms are now operating under the name of PMB Helin Donovan, which is a member of the Russell Bedford CPA network.

“Dallas has been on our radar screen for quite some time,” says Tom Wilkinson, MP for PMB. “This marks the alignment of two companies that fit well together, complement each other and we look forward to better serving existing and new clients alike.”

The merger triples the number of professionals PMB has in the Dallas market – from seven to more than 20. The firm plans to grow to 50 employees in
the next three to four years, through organic growth and additional acquisitions. Merger talks are going on with otherDallas firms.

“Even before we were approached by PMB, we were realizing that in order for us to be a viable player in our industry in the future, we would need to align with another firm in some capacity,” says VTA MP Mary Hennington.

“There’s definitely a consolidation trend going on right now within the CPA industry. The mom and pop shops – often launched in the 1970s and 1980s – aren’t able to compete because of the way business itself has changed. Business has become more global, rules have become more tedious requiring more sophisticated software tools in need of constant updating, and clients need more depth than the one person they’ve turned to for 20 years.”

Jeff Jamieson, PIC of the Dallasoffice, will continue to lead the operation. Hennington will become part of newly merged firm’s executive committee. Hennington, James Hodges and Kathy Still, all VTA partners, are being named partners.