AICPA Teams Up With Telligent to Increase Social Networking

Telligent, a leader in social community software for the enterprise, partnered with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to create the leading social networking site for aspiring accountants, This Way to CPA, which is designed to increase awareness of and drive recruitment efforts for AICPA.

“We are expanding our reach with social networking to encourage talented students to invest in becoming a CPA and eventually a member of the AICPA,” said Scott Moore, Sr. Manager, College and University Initiatives, AICPA. “This Way to CPA is a one-stop shop for accounting students to network with peers and discuss career-related topics.”

This Way to CPA is a first-of-its-kind online community that supports the personal development of accounting students and the profession by giving students a place to network with professionals and peers and discuss important topics such as how to land internships, what the accounting career path is like and advice for passing the CPA exam . Almost 23,000 people visit the community each month and over 57% return to the site to stay connected to the community and build relationships with peers.

“This Way to CPA weaves a conversational, fun personality into a creatively-designed community that provides immense value to students,” said Justin Couto, CEO of Couto Solutions, an elite design development firm that designed and implemented AICPA’s online community.

AICPA integrates its community website to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to ensure that members know how and where to stay involved with AICPA. AICPA encourages discussions on popular social media sites and drives potential and current members to its community for more in depth accounting conversations and access to exclusive opportunities, like scholarship opportunities and group accounting competitions.

With this unified social media strategy, AICPA creates more meaningful, manageable interactions that it can measure and evaluate. 19% of visitors return five times or more each month, which shows that community members are actively digesting content and becoming highly engaged with AICPA’s messaging.

“AICPA is a model for organizations trying to figure out how to create a unified, manageable strategy for social media and technology,” said Wendy Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer, Telligent. “AICPA is positioned to increase its member base because it is building strong bonds with the incoming Generation Y workforce and delivering value.”