IPA Reveals The Nation’s Fastest-Growing Accounting Firms 2011

The Platt Group, publishers of INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA), are proud to present the annual recognition of the IPA Fastest-Growing All-Star firms. These firms, selected solely on their performance in specific areas of management and growth, are compared with the more than 400 firms participating in the annual IPA Survey and Analysis of Firms. In what some are referring to as “The Growing Divide,” we see some firms boldly moving forward – firms that have made the right adjustments and are fortunate to be located in areas that help accelerate their progress.

Deploying the right skills in the right areas, managing the bottom line, leveraging strong determined leadership with just a bit of luck are the main components that are common to firms that are growing and experiencing success. Collectively, the firms who participated in this year’s annual survey turned in an average growth rate of just 0.85%. Only 6% of firms that participated this year turned in a double-digit organic growth rate – a sharp comparison to just four years ago when it was the norm rather than the exception.

In 2011, the 10 fastest-growing firms in the nation, as named by IPA, are turning in double-digit growth during a time when many considered it to be nearly impossible.

“The success of these firms is a tribute to their leadership. Their performance defies economic trends by recognizing the long-term goals that are needed in order to sustain growth through both prosperous times and down times,” says Kelly Platt, managing editor of IPA. “We salute all of these firms and recognize their overall management strategies as models that the profession can be quite proud of,” Platt concludes.

This year, IPA presented the list of the Top 10 fastest-growing firms, the top five fastest-growing firms by geographic region, and the top five fastest-growing firms by revenues. The All-Star firms are highlighted in the October issue of IPA. The full list of the Fastest-Growing can be downloaded.