CBIZ Acquires Memphis-based Thompson Dunavant

Cleveland-based CBIZ & Mayer Hoffman McCann PC (FY10 net revenue of $590.6 million) acquired the non-attest business and attest business of Memphis-based Thompson Dunavant (TD) on Aug. 1.

Allan D. Koltin, CEO of Koltin Consulting Group, who advised both firms on the merger commented, “Thomson Dunavant is one of the most successful local CPA firms in the entire U.S. and that is what attracted CBIZ to them. For TD, CBIZ provides greater breath of products and services and as well as additional growth opportunities for their people. I believe this marriage may have stated in Memphis but it will ultimately cover the entire state.”

TD MP Stephen Dunavant says, “CBIZ is a growing and dynamic national company with a platform that we believe will provide greater growth for our team and greater support for our clients. We are excited to join CBIZ because, like us, they have a strong focus on client service and team development.  These commitments coupled with the opportunity to be part of a national company will provide new growth opportunities for us and enhance our long-term commitment to our clients and our community.”