PwC Ireland Executives Busted for Inappropriate Sexist E-mail

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dublin, is roiling in controversy after a group of executives distributed an e-mail ranking the top babelicious workers in the Dublin office.

“We are taking this matter extremely seriously and are launching a full investigation,” said a company spokesman of the e-mail, distributed among 17 male workers.

“We will take all necessary steps and actions in line with our firm’s polices and procedures.” The e-mail includes headshots and information about 13 women, seeking suggestions for the “top ten” most attractive.

The women, graduates of top universities, recently joined the firm and are undergoing training for executive positions. The e-mail has since been circulated to countless firms throughout Ireland, reports the Irish Independent.

PwC employs 2,000 workers in Ireland. The company’s website lists “behaving professionally” and “respecting others” among expected conduct. For more on the e-mail, check out Gawker here.