IPA And Steve Erickson Join Forces To Assist The Profession In Helping Staff Be More Successful

The 2010 Career Development Survey, sponsored by IPA and Steve Erickson, national consultant to CPA firms, closed in May with more than 1,650 responses. The survey is being compiled and complete results will be shared with IPA readers in the coming months. We share a few highlights from the survey:

Top Staff Motivators

Feeling successful at work

Flex time and Alternative Work Schedules


Learning and Training Opportunities

– At a time when salaries and benefits are historically high as a percentage of revenues, 50% of the respondents reported that they felt underpaid, most by 6% to 10%.

– While utilization continues to decline, a significant percentage of the respondents reported spending one or more hours per day responding to e-mails, and in many instances, over two hours per day.

– File and process consistency and standardization continue to be a concern to employees as firms move from paper to digital storage. The majority of employees overwhelmingly stated that files are not consistent, as shown in the following graph.

1 = no agreement and 9 = total agreement with the statement:

All files are consistent regardless of the partner or manager on the engagement

Only 1/3 of the 1,650+ respondents rated their response a 7, 8 or 9. Clearly there is still much work to do to standardize files.

Employees also overwhelmingly stated that everyone in their firm did not follow standardized processes and procedures.

1 = no agreement and 9 = total agreement with the statement:

Everyone in our firm uses standardized processes and procedures

Again approximately 2/3 of the employees rated this statement a 6 or below. Results of the full survey will be shared as they come available.

You may download the full survey response online. More detials will be forthcoming in up coming issues of INSIDE Public Accounting.