Allred and Wilson Team Up for New Business Development Program

Sam Allred and Graham Wilson, are teaming up to launch a new business development program for new partners and senior managers.

“With clients hunkered down trying to ride out the recession, increased client attrition, and the Baby Boomers retiring in ever-greater numbers, a lot of firms are worried about where new business is going to come from next year, three years from now, and five years from now,” Sam Allred says. “Graham and I want to be part of the solution to that problem.”

Set to launch in June, the Academy for Business Development will bear many of the signature characteristics of Upstream Academy’s other programs. “Everything we do at Upstream emphasizes timeless principles, proven processes, and practical accountability,” said Allred, who founded Upstream Academy nearly a decade ago. “We’re thrilled to have Graham Wilson, a world class trainer and expert on business development in public accounting firms, join us for this new program.”

Key features of the intensive, 18-month program include the following:
• creation of personal business development plans by each participant
• multiple levels of accountability to ensure participants follow their plans
• three 1-day, face-to-face, highly interactive workshops
• monthly conference call presentations by Wilson and Allred
• mentoring and reinforcement by “guides” from within the firm

Interested firm leaders can learn more about the Academy for Business Development by participating in a free conference call presentation on April 22nd or May 5th. To register for the call, contact Upstream Academy at 406-495-1850.