Amper, Politziner, & Mattia Publishes Results of IFRS Survey

Edison, N.J.-based Amper, Politziner, & Mattia (FY09 net revenue of $119.9 million) recently conducted an IFRS survey among small to mid-sized companies in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. The goal of the survey was to collect data from financial decision-makers on IFRS and its potential impact to their companies.

Some key results of the survey:

 83% of respondents are aware of the SEC’s Roadmap and its associated timeframe.
 43% of the respondents think the SEC should approve the Roadmap as is, or as is with a delay in the implementation. However 83% of the respondents ultimately think they will need to adopt IFRS in the future.
 52% and 22% of the respondents think the largest hurdles to overcome will be education of management and changing IT systems, respectively.
 74% of respondents do not think that IFRS will provide improved financial transparency in the U.S. marketplace.
 58% of respondents (small to mid-sized companies) think their internal implementation costs, including consultants, will exceed $50,000.