Indianapolis Firm Partners Now In Law Suit

According to published reports, claims and counter-claims are escalating in the split between Larry Greenwalt and Tom Sponsel, founding partners of Indianapolis-based Greenwalt Sponsel, who now run two separate firms – Greenwalt CPAs, Inc. and Sponsel CPA Group.

Sponsel and two other former partners have filed a law suit against Greenwalt CPAs alleging that their former firm breached its contract and fiduciary duty with the three former partners. Greenwalt, who says he has tried to resolve the issue through mediation, but was unsuccessful, is countersuing Sponsel.

A comment posted online in response to an article in the Indianapolis Business Journal about the split sums it all up: “Ladies and Gentlemen: Settle this quickly and don’t play this out in the local press in this manner. Your clients don’t care about your problems; they need your full attention in caring about theirs. What both firms are doing is giving their clients a reason to look and move their business elsewhere.”