IPA Snapshot: The Five Most “Planned” Niches

The 2009 INSIDE Public Accounting Annual Survey and Analysis of Firms uncovered the top five niche expansion areas that firms are planning:

1. Human Resources
2. Forensic Services
3. Financial Institutions/Banking
4. International Tax
5. Governmental

So beyond the predictable, what’s the next “big thing” firms are identifying as a possible niche? How about the whole area of green energy? Measuring carbon footprints for clients, cap-and-trade and carbon credit markets are spawning new industries that are rapidly developing around the globe. It could be a potential new market, and certainly would gain the attention of staff and new recruits. Younger staff have grown up in an energy conscious era. According to the 2010 edition of My College Guide, “for an increasing number of students, ‘going green’ is more than just a trend. It’s a subject they want to devote their lives to.”