Former Tidwell Dewitt Leaves the Reznick Group Family

Twenty-two months after merging their 50-person Birmingham, Ala. practice into The Reznick Group (FY09 net revenue of $257.8 million), former Tidwell DeWitt (FY06 net revenue of $13.7 million) MP Barry Tidwell announced today that they have broken away from Reznick and will form a new firm

“It is a very amicable parting and makes sense for both parties”, says Tidwell. “We believe that Birmingham is growing as a middle market business area, which is the Tidwell Group niche,” he says. “We felt this was an appropriate time to position ourselves to serve the expansion of these type businesses in the community and throughout the state, and additionally we will continue to serve real estate and construction groups due to our established and proven experience.”

25 employees from the Birmingham, office, including four partners, made the transition. The new firm will be named Tidwell Group LLC.