Clifton Gunderson Relocates Headquarters to Milwaukee


The announcement means Clifton Gunderson becomes the first CPA firm to be headquartered in Milwaukee and the only national CPA firm headquartered in all of Wisconsin.  


“Our decision to move firm headquarters to Milwaukee brings together firm resources and provides additional opportunities to build on our firm’s tremendous strengths and continue to create opportunities for growth,” says Ted Hart, MP for CG’s Wisconsin offices. “Milwaukee has a very robust and diverse business community and we are honored to join the hundreds of other companies already headquartered in this great city.”


The decision parallels the succession of the firm’s new CEO, Krista McMasters, whose new role became June 1. McMasters becomes the fourth CEO in Clifton Gunderson’s nearly 50 year history. She also becomes the first and only female to serve as CEO among the nation’s top 25 CPA firms in the history of the profession.