Ten Technology Musts When Firing Employees


Coordinate termination with Network Administrator to disable employee passwords and all network access at time of termination.


Return building access identification cards, electronic cards, physical keys, and disable any keypad building access codes for that employee.


Verify that the employee has returned all firm equipment including laptop, bag, peripherals, USB thumb drives, cable locks, etc.


Verify remote access has been terminated including all logons to applications within the firm or via the Internet (SaaS and ASP applications hosted outside the firm).


If personal smart phone is utilized with access to firm network, verify eraser of firm contacts, email accounts, calendar from system and any other firm resources.


Transition voicemail/change remote access password and forward messages to administration or replacement person to continue follow up.


Ask them to return all technical training materials, firm manuals, tutorials, etc.


If person responsible for any IT purchasing, verify credit cards returned and access is blocked on future purchases through firm accounts.


Ask them to sign document that they have not retained any confidential firm or client data and if any such data does surface later in their possession that they agree to destroy it or overwrite the media.


If you are terminating a network administrator and are concerned about possible retaliation, it is best to coordinate the termination with an external security consultant or network integrator at least a week before hand so they can adequately map the network and block future access.


By: Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA.CITP

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