Platt’s Perspective

Michael PlattRemember when you were in college after taking a test, nervously waiting for the professor to post the grades on his office door?  For many CPA firms, the publication of the  Best of the Best issue of INSIDE Public Accounting is reminiscent of the anticipation that we felt during our college days. Did our firm make the list? Did our competitors make the list? Who’s in?  Who’s out?

To those 25 Best of the Best, and to the next 25 who reach Honorable Mention, attaining the status of Best of the Best can yield significant marketing advantages in client and staff acquisition and retention. Firms that make the list are eager to capitalize on the opportunities that being named affords them.

I believe, however, that firms that don’t make the list have as much to gain – possibly even more – than those that do. They can study the profession’s finest, learn about successful management techniques and operational strategies, and adapt them to their own firms. These are learning and growth opportunities not to be missed. In the coming months, IPA will highlight some of these Best of the Best firms, and take a peek inside to reveal what makes them shine.

Your continued support of IPA is an acknowledgement of your firm’s desire to learn about successes of others throughout the profession. We encourage all IPA subscribers to continue to apply those lessons in their never-ending pursuit of excellence, and we commit to continuing to bring you ongoing opportunities for growth and development.

To all who participated in this year’s IPA Annual Survey and Analysis of Firms, please accept our thanks, our appreciation, and our gratitude for your willingness to contribute to the overall body of knowledge about the   profession. We hope you continue to find the results of this profession-wide survey of significant value, and I invite you to contact me directly with your thoughts or suggestions on how we can make the survey and analysis even more beneficial to you and your firm.