Platt’s Perspective

Michael PlattHow should a partner prepare for a partner retreat? With tax season over, many firms are organizing shareholder meetings to look toward the future and consider bold new initiatives for success.

Far too often, however, the rank and file partners simply “show up” to these events, prepared only with the willingness to react to issues as they are discussed, and the expectation that someone else (i.e. the MP) has the sole responsibility for a successful and productive outcome.

Success of a partner retreat is everyone’s responsibility, and preparation is key. While organizers of retreats have their own set of goals, guidelines and activities, rank and file partners need to arm themselves with the answers to the following three questions:

  1. What are two things that I can do personally to increase the success of this firm?
  2. What biases or preconceived notions do I have that might stifle my openness to new ideas, and how can I set those aside?
  3. What is one “sacred cow” or unspoken issue which, if resolved, would accelerate progress and lead to greater success at our firm?

If you take the time needed for deep, introspective thought on these three questions, and come to your partner retreat prepared to be candid and constructive, the chances of success will be greatly increased and your firm will be the ultimate winner.