Platt’s Perspective

I’ve never understood why in many CPA firms, when it comes to tax preparation season, the laws of supply and demand seem to vanish. I’m referring to the supply of hours, and the demand for those hours as tax deadlines approach.

Many firms suffer the stress and tension of accommodating client schedules without consideration of an economic premium for meeting tight deadlines.

Wouldn’t it make sense to tell clients that if they get their materials to you by, say, February 15, the price is X? By March 15 it’s X + 20%. By April 1 it’s X + 30%. And by April 10 it’s X + 40%. Your clients would still maintain complete control over when they choose to submit their tax materials to you. If saving money is a motivator to them, they will act earlier, spreading the load better for you and your staff. If convenience is a motivator to them, they should be willing to pay a premium.

Many businesses charge more for last-minute convenience. The airline industry has been doing it for years. So have shipping/freight companies, hotel chains – even the dry cleaning industry has found a way to charge a premium for quick turnaround.

Why not take a cue from other businesses and consider adding a premium to your pricing structure for last-minute work during tax season so you can at least earn more for all that stress you go through? 

Just my two cents . . .